Virtual USB Analyzer


To run the Virtual USB Analyzer, you must have Python and the PyGTK bindings. Additionally, to see the graphical timeline view, you will need gnome-canvas and its Python bindings.

If you have an Ubuntu 8.10 system, you don't need to install any additional packages to run the Virtual USB Analyzer.

! Windows and Mac OS users: It should be possible to run the Virtual USB Analyzer on Windows or Mac OS systems if you have a port of PyGTK installed, however we've only tested vusb-analyzer on Linux. If you have patches or tips for running vusb-analyzer on other operating systems, we'd love to hear them.

Latest Release

Source Repository

Development takes place in a Subversion repository hosted by Sourceforge. To check out a snapshot of the latest code:

svn co vusb-analyzer

You can also browse the repository online.